Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't wanna talk about it no more

Fuck you, you fucking bitch.

Go get a life!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

come on, who's afraid of needles?

Life has been great lately. I occupied myself with loads of stuffs so that I won't have time to think about shits and feel emo about it. yea yea I haven't been to the balcony for weeks! hooray

I have always wanted to donate blood but because blood donors have to be at least 18 and above so I wasn't able to donate. >.<>.<

measuring my blood pressure... I don't know what the heck I was laughing at...

Those who studied bio in form 5 should know this because we did the experiment before =) This lady poked a hole at my middle finger to get some blood to check my blood type.
Heck! I'm already 18 and I don't even know my own blood type! ha. Sorry Cik Noretna (my bio teacher >.<) I ponteng your class so I didnt do that experiment =(

Hey but I know she's happy cos I got a B for bio in spm cause I failed a lot in form 4 and form 5. hahaha I wanted to drop that subject but she didnt allow! Luckily I didnt.

This lady had a hard time seacrhing for my blood vessels cause she said she couldn't find the thickest vessels. Finally she had decided to do it on my left arm. phew (look at my face tryin to laugh to make myself less nervous lol)

See how nervous was I till I crossed my toes when I was anaethesized.
hahaha. The blanket was too short for my long legs! =P

I didn't even wanna look at it I turned my face away. Scary

So scary when I saw this pic

Hey this is not ribbena k

yay finally it has over!

haha. I'm happy I did it and I will still go for the second time. Donating blood is good cause it saves lives!

And don't ever think that you have a common blood type or there are always a lot of people out there who donate blood so you don't need to donate anymore.
If you think so, then you are wrong.
Cause there are people who needs blood all the time so there are always shortage of blood in the hospitals. That is why regular blood donations are always needed.

So go give it a try cause there are a lot of health benefits by donating blood apart from saving lives.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

first time blogging in mandarin





我讨厌我自己!! =(

This is funny!

The moment I saw this I burst out laughing. Man, this is funny kay.

What you get if you translate "This is hot" to our Malaysian language?

"panas! panas!" ??

hahaha wei are you sure you can translate it that way? hahha wtf

I was like "apa barang yang sangat panas tuh!? this barbie doll panas?!"

rofl lmao lol wtf

Saturday, October 25, 2008

yay I got a new phone!

Finally I got my lappie back after 3 weeks of waiting!
Don't know what's wrong with my lappie 3 weeks back, it keep on restarting on its own and many of the programs couldn't be used and it was really really lag and slow loading files. I thought it was attacked by virus but when I scanned using Kaspersky no virus was found.

Wth dunno what's wrong so someone promised to fix it for me but my lappie was totally untouched after 2 weeks

So this guy seeing me so kesian so he offered to fix it for me, and thanks to him it was fixed in just a day!
And he installed a few of useful programs for me, which I totally have no idea what are the programs for hahahaha okay okay I admit I'm a noob =(

And oh yeah~
My dad gave me a new phone, which is N81!! oh yeah baybeh~ I love it I love it~

But hey I thought I just said I'm a noob?? yea yea I'm a noob.... sob.
I really have some problems dealing with "too pro" de phone =(
Gotta learn how to use it by reading the manual zzz
Tell me where got time to study!!!??

hahaha wtf what a lousy excuse to not study for finals. aaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, October 13, 2008


Went to KFc with Cat this evening. We were planning to study cause finals are like one month away and we have not started studyin yet. OMG and every time in class we were like talking and talking and sleeping only.

I don't even know anything about marketing and business. Gonna die in finals soon. hahha

But we ended up talking about guys, love, family and our future. lol
I seriously dont feel like studyin that thick textbook!! and there are 3 other thick books man. gosh...

How can I make it in 1 month? Tell me...

See this ghost so hardworking writing something... not studyin at all also... When are you gonna be good and start studyin?! har?

While me... was camwhoring with her new phone... hahhaha damn it

Conclusion: I think I'm the last-minute-only-study type ekeke

Saturday, October 4, 2008

wtf i'm so happy haahha

Well I don't know how to start this entry. hahaha
Haven't been writing happy entries since like ages ago.

Well it started 4 months ago when I had to leave my hometown and separate with my parents due to some reasons. Which sadly means I had to leave all my friends and classmates too, without even had the chance to say goodbye. And I was really emo for months because of it.
I know there are many of them who are concerned about me and keep encouraging and motivating me. Thanks to those who make me feel like I'm still a somebody in this world =)
Love all my friends muahahaaha

So on the first of October Sheen, Sin and Tha came over to visit me in Penang. I was really delighted when I went to pick them up at the bus terminal.
They were really hungry so I brought them to a nearest restaurant nearby my house. The four of us ordered the same food and we chatted so loudly without taking care of own image. haha it's been like so long I have not been talking that fast and loud edi. lol.

After the dinner we went to Gurney and decided to watch movie. We bought tickets for the movie Mamma Mia at 12.55am and since there were still plenty of time we went to Gurney Drive for our supper. hahaha. Damn pek chek I tell you. There will always be many people during public holidays. Wanna find a seat also susah -.-
And then we went for a walk along the "beach" and took pictures when we saw a fountain at the roundabout.
Seriously this was the first time we took so many photos together cause most of the time we would always talk and talk and talk and end up forgetting to take pics. haha

I don't know what were they trying to do. lol

Lynn the bubblefish hehehe

Doesn't really look real

I don't know what were they trying to do again. Molesting her or trying to push her into the fountain?

Focus on my nice nice hands and fingers. haha don't look at my naked fingernails k

haha tryin to look small

See I can shoot that high! Can you???? =P
(lol I like this pic the most! There were a bunch of guys across the road laughing at us when we did this. We quickly ran away when Sin told us that they were looking at us. lol)

Having urination problem is it? Look at your face! lmao

Do I look like I was wearing a crown on my head and holding a wand? hehe I'm so creative man

I like that smile haha

Hiding my face lol

Look at her face! lmao

Hiding my face and body....

wtf what was I doin

I think I'm really a homosexual >.<

We really had a great time together taking photos and chit-chatting.
The bad part was the movie cause we didn't know it's kind of musical movie and it was boring. Sheen and I actually fell asleep in the cinema and we got scolded by the lady in front of us when we were talking. lol wtf

The next morning we went to Queensbay for lunch and started our shopping mission. haha we really are shopping freak and can really shop for the whole day even wearing high heels. I really like shopping with them as we share the same taste most of the time. We would always give comments no matter positive or negative that is why we enjoy shopping together. Another thing that I enjoy is when we slapped each others' butt like usual when we were shopping. hahaha this is fun!

Camwhoring at Kenny Roger's

wtf when can I take off my braces!! >.<

Look at that fake smile lol she was really hungry d

After hours of shopping everyone was tired already...

damn I act cute a lot these days!

Trying to cover for her but since she said her bf doesn't mind... So I...

just dont care la! lol

We were really having fun time together, just look at her smile! haha

Finally after all the shoppings and eatings we went to a japanese restaurant to meet up with my dad and bros for dinner. And again we talked like we had never been talking for 20 years and just keep on talkin and laughin even when the waiters and waitresses were staring at us.

Sheen and Tha slept early that night as they were really tired and sleepy.
While me and Sin were at the balcony having girls' talk for like 3 or 4 hours. haha

On the 3rd day, my dad and I sent them to the bus terminal after having our dimsum breakfast. I couldn't send them off cause I had got test in the afternoon.
So we camwhored again in the bus terminal waiting area and I was about to cry and starting to emo when I finally realised that they were going to leave. These 3 days were my most happiest moments since I came to Penang. T.T and why the hell time passes so fast

Sin, Tha and Sheen!!!
I love all of you!
hahaha muackkssss
(shit man I think I'm gonna turn homo d)