Thursday, October 22, 2009

Better be safe than sorry

I was about to buy dinner at a nasi lemak stall by the road side when there were two motorists passed by me and snatched an auntie's handbag. It was too fast I didn't have the time to think what was happening I thought the auntie's blouse or skirt got stuck on the motor and got dragged. I was just behind her. Finally they ran off after failing to snatch her handbag.

There were a lot of people who came to help her and they started discussing whether the brainless criminals were Chinese or Malay. It was too fast there was no one that manage to look at the number plate of the motorcycle even there were so many people. And the auntie was hurt in her knees and her palms but luckily there was no serious injury. I just couldn't believe what happened that I got shocked and was standing there for quite a few minutes. I couldn't believe it actually happened in front of me!

And so the apek apek who are selling food by the roadside started telling me to be careful of my handbag and I decided not to carry my handbag when walking by the roadside anymore. I'll only carry my handbag to college and shopping malls.
Crimes happen even though there is a large crowd. Criminals nowadays are more daring to commit crimes we won't be sure when's safe and when's not. So be careful all the time.... Better be safe than sorry. I was very lucky I wasn't their target.

Haih yo how to carry all my things la without handbag!! Grr

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


对!我上个星期从 KL 回来后第二天去上课,在 co-op 买了两个 curry puff 上课室吃,结果过了几个小时后肚子很不舒服一直想要呕。。全身又发冷,发高烧,呕了两次,看医生(医生好像蛮帅!=D 还是我师兄呢!)后他说我食物中毒了。。妈的,对 curry puff 有阴影了




Tuesday, September 1, 2009




Sunday, August 9, 2009

another new semester

I've gotten my results yesterday and I am actually quite satisfied and happy with my results. Hopefully will do better the next sem which will start on Tuesday. @@
But the first thing I need to do is to switch back to the normal sleeping time 'cos I've been sleeping very late all this while and get very little sleep (like, sleep at 5am and wake up at 10 o.O).
From next week onwards I swear I'll start going to bed as early as 11 and get at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep on weekdays and 12 hours of sleep during the weekends. Okay!!! (hmm I doubt whether this will ever happen :S, just like how I swear I'd start eating less but never succeeded wtfwtf (and how I tell myself to start blogging more often but always end up only update my blog like once a month @@) okay seriously I need to stop writing in brackets already omg)

Anyway, I would like to talk a bit about my college - Disted College, since everyone has been asking me about it cos I always complain about my college (and also cos I've got nothing to blog about. xp)

I don't know is it just my course or what, but I seriously was very mad at my college. The timetable of our final exam was only published at our DBS (stands for Diploma in Business Studies) bulletin board one week before our study break. And there was a clash in two of the subjects that I was taking. So I told my friend, Edward to go to the office (cos I shy ma!! =p) to ask them rearrange the timetable for us and they said ok and that they would call to inform him if there's any changes in the schedule (they asked for his phone number).

And so we waited and waited.... till the week before our final exam there was still no news from college! Edward kept calling to the office for 2 days and they freaking DID NOT answer his call!!!! What's the use of the hotline then if they don't even wanna pick up that freakin phone!
I got really mad!

And finally I got to know that one of the subjects was postponed thru a friend (I didn't have other friends already, what a failure) and I got really really mad again!! How could the college just published the new timetable at the bulletin board without informing us?? Who on earth would go to college during study break?! (ok la maybe there are many people who went to college to study except for me -.-)

They should at least publish the new timetable or make an announcement on college's official website or something right?!
But no, they did no nothing! All they did was just paste a piece of bullshit on the bulletin board and that's it! They don't even bother to inform us!
What if I did not know about the new timetable and did not sit for the exam? I would have to pay another freakin RM700-800 to retake that subject! zz not just resit the paper but retake the subject and attend classes and do all the coursework again for the whole sem!

Arghh when talking about my college there are so many exclamation marks. haha.
By the way today was kinda fun! Went swimming for a while with my brothers and cousin sis and got chased by the guard cos the pool is only open from 10am to 10pm. So after 1/2 an hour swim we went to the playground and we had a lot of fun! Cos normally we won't be able to play all those slides and see saw and etc during the day! Cos there will be a lot of small kids playin hahaha and it was fun just now cos it just rained and the slides were wet. hehe havent been playin at the playground since years ago!! Wahahaa

I think that's all for today it's almost 5.30am @@ I needa sleep now good night guys!
Hope I have more things to blog then I will update more often =D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

arhh i hurt my hand again!

Remember when I hurt my hand by accidentally "touching" the ceiling fan? Click here to recall.
Yesterday, I hurt myself AGAIN. -.-| It hurt. And at that moment I thought I was going to say byebye to my finger. When I took a look at it my finger was still there (phew) but it was bleeding and I thought I broke my nails or something. I was about to cry already cos I was really in pain.(Okay la maybe I did cry for 2 seconds la, got sand went into my eyes ma!) Luckily it was just a small cut but now I can't really move my middle finger already. =( Owh.. That means I won't be able to show my middle finger already!

Oh, and I'm now officially not a P-license driver anymore! Heeeheeehehee =P
I went to JPJ at Sungai Dua to renew my license the other day and I thought it would take me hours queueing up. Surprisingly, it took me only about 15 minutes and tada~ my new license is done! So happieee

Yay~ Went shopping with Catherine last Friday after our business statistics paper! We both bought the exact same top from Nichii and started camwhoring in the fitting room. hehe so fun!

We shop again when I'm back to Penang okay! hehe miss ya~

By the way, people!! I'm back to PJ!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time flies.

PDATED: I left out a few photos so this is the updated version!

It's been almost a year since I left. Am I forgotten? Am I still remembered?
A year is gone in just a blink of an eye. There are so many things that cannot be described.
The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of boredom, the feeling of having so much freedom, the feeling of guiltiness of not studyin hard during the first semester, the feeling of pitifulness for my parents because they are much more lonelier than I am, and of having to stay without family, of having to drive all the way to Penang once a fortnight just to see us. But we rarely talk to them. It's not that I do not want to talk, but I seriously don't know what to talk about. =(
Somehow, I have the typical traditional Chinese characteristic which is the abashment of showing some concerns to my parents or telling them how much I love them. "I love you Daddy/Mummy" kinda thing would never come out of my mouth. LOL I'm just too embarrassed to say that.

Anyway, this post is going to be a summary of what I've been doing since I left.
WARNING: There will be a lot of pictures as well as self-shot photos of me, you might find annoying. haha and I'm not gonna write a lot. Cos. I. Am. Lazy. To. Write.

Bluek. =P

Let's begin the fun!! Woah!
(The guy on the left. I think he slipped. haha)

hehee. (My new hair color.)

My cute Business Statistics lecturer. He's cuteeeee~

Yea. They had fun! See the laughter.

Owh!!!! HELP!

Nice belly..

This is just the beginning~


Who's the king and who's the queen?


The best actress of the year.

Someone took my blood!!

I like my eye make up that day! Can't see clearly in the picture though.

Seahorse loves me I love seahorse.

Drew this on the back of Catherine's hand during Statistics class cos I was way too bored. I know it's ugly but come on, it isn't that bad afterall! (Guess which finger is that?)

Too bored waiting in the car.

The branches did not break?!

It was really a nice memory.

Wanted to study but ended up camwhoring with Catherine's phone instead.


Food~! (My tee reads: KISS ME I MIGHT TURN INTO A PRINCESS) hehee kiss me!

Someone's trying to poke me?!

He must be in a real hurry. O.o

Stop posing! Start eating.

Owh, I miss ShuLing.


More food!!

Heehee. I failed this bloody damn Marketing.

Which is whose?

Nice outfit huh.

Cut cake! How many years haven't I done that? Sigh.

New Year's Eve. Mesti makan steamboat. Why?

Abang Securiti, you tak tau pegang camera ke?? Dah senget~

Why always wanna waste the cake? Cake is to eat, not to throw all over people's face.

(Stop posing!)

Advertisement for Mirinda.



If there was a fire, I'd definitely be the heroin of the day.

3 days weren't enough.

Where was the bat? (I was wearing a bat-wing top that day and someone called me a bat)

Do I look emo?

LOL they wanted so much attention!


Girls' night out!

This is my laptop's wallpaper till today. =)

Am I cute?? *screams* *RUN* *tomatoes* *eggs* *stones* *piak piak plak bam booom*


First time ever going to a club.


Annoying? Stop scrolling then.

First time at CF. We have quitted though.

That freaking mandarin oranges were freaking expensive @@

A group of gangsters?

RM2.50 A&W Waffle.

Study la sleep sleep sleep!

This is not the end. There are more! hehee.

Macam budak sekolah punya hairstyle.

Okay okay we are almost done!

Buat kacau aje! Siam la...

Close! We are close to the end...


Why can't we concentrate when we're studying?!

Fake Doctor Fish. Kinda fun, it feels like tickling. (At Queensbay Mall. This is my dad's legs hehe all the fish like his legs so much!)

And the best comes the last! I like this photo very much.

Yay! We are done!
I shall end this post here!

oh WAIT!!
I would like to thank all my friends who made my life in Penang so wonderful!! Thank you guys!!

Tata good night! =)