Monday, January 19, 2009

Am i naive? =(

I was having high tea at Mc D this afternoon when an Indian guy came to ask for money from me and Catherine. He was asking for RM5.
I couldn't really hear what he was saying as he was talking very fast and soft in good English with a little bit of Indian accent.
He said his bike was at a shop and then something something and then he needed RM5 and then something something and then he said he'd pay me back in half an hour time and then something something and then YEA I GAVE HIM THE MONEY @.@

He looked so sincere and didn't look like he was lying.
He asked me to give him my number so that he could return me the money but the second I gave him the money he walked away rapidly. -.-
A worker at Mc D saw this and she came over and asked what happen and Cat told her that he wanted to borrow money from us and then the worker just shook her head and walked away. I knew I was conned when I saw the facial expression of the workers. (Maybe this wasn't the first time he did this at Mc D.)

Arghh wtf.
ok la I admit I'm naive la. I trust people very easily la. I'm easily deceived la. Whatever.
Laugh la laugh la.

haih, but come to think of it, if a person really needs to cheat other people's money means the person is really in need right?
Usually when people beg for money or ask me to donate money to charities I would not reject cause I know there are many unfortunate people who need help and since I'm able to help so why not?
Although some of my friends keep telling me not to donate cause there are a lot of crooks out there who make money from naive people like me @@, still, in my opinion, if they need to go around and cheat people for money means they need help too. Right? Who would want to cheat people's money or be a beggar if they have the oportunity to earn money? You think to be a
beggar is a very fun thing is it?

And I don't want to reject them when people ask for money cause we won't know whether they are really in need. If I rejected them and it turns out that those people really need some money I would feel really really bad and guilty. =(

So even though I know I was cheated today but I'm glad I helped that guy even it's just RM5.

*haih but why is everyone sayin that I"m stupid? Even my 13-year-old brother said that. =( so sad


cheekeong said...

u are really naive sometimes~ but i didnt meant to scold u..

erm.. what u should do now is try to analyze whenever u got to chance to make decision and don't simply trapped by strangers. also, do rely only on reliable ppl..

don't let others that concerned u feel worried on u..

and i hope to see a cheerful and healthy girl like u~

Flora said...

nvm la.. what's done is done..
moreover, it's only rm5 lor.. makan mcd one meal also not enuf.. the guy probably hasn't eaten in days or something.. so just let him take it lor.. it's nor rm50 or something.. i mean the most he can do with rm5 is have a few meals i guess?

btw, i would like to go back penang to eat.. things there are so cheap weiii!!!

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

hey, this is not naive this is kindhearted! alright?
man, I actually believed in him too . Which means I was also conned:-p
maybe he came back and return the money at last but we went off already??he didnt look like he was cheating=.="
u neo, usually those indians who can speak English like him could find jobs elsewhere and won't cheat other people's money. Or maybe his son gets cancer or anything and he needs money badly for his medical treatment?
Lol.. or maybe his wife has breast cancer and his monthly salary is not enough to pay for the treatment fees? Or maybe his daughter is raped and he needs the money for lawyer fees???
man, i am like cursing him for cheating people:-P In a sarcastic way.....!

szelynn said...

keong: i did analyze la. and i told you he wasn'tlook like he's cheating ma.. and i did ask catherine whether i should lend him the money or not. and she said yes!

Flora: hahaha it's not about the money la.. rm5 is not a big deal for me but it's 原则上的问题嘛!
a lot of people said i'm stupid wor! even got teased by my brother >.<
and ah, from the facial expression of the workers in mc d, i guess this is not the first time d la. if he makes money using this way he can earn hundred over ringgit a day! cause everyone thinks like us, "aiya rm5 only mar lend him lor" I wouldnt have given him the money if he asks for rm50. it's because I think it's just rm5 thats why i gave him -.-

hahaha yalor penang food so damn cheap! come penang find me if you're free hehe

Catherine: hahaha hey Catherine you're bad la. you always tell me not to judge a book by its cover and now you're saying a good English speaker won't cheat people's money? meaning people who cant speak English well are cheaters? haha you have prejudice against them. better be careful!! hahahahaha might kena "tomato rain" one day when you walk on the street haha

Flora said...

haha.. but he might be cheating but nvm la.. ur heart so kind.. maybe he really needs it lor.. i dun think u are stupid ar.. take it as donation la.. haha.. a lot of those donation are also cheating ppl wan..

i dunno when can go la.. see who free pei me go.. haha..

cheekeong said...

undeniable, u are so kind-hearted!
just take it as a donation lo..


i was proud of your act~