Friday, February 27, 2009

Eden Lake

Went to the cinema with Catherine together for the first time the other day. We wanted to watch Valkyrie but then we didn't know how to pronounce it so yea, finally we decided to watch Eden Lake. (What kinda lousy excuse is that *faint*)

We thought it was a ghost movie or something but it wasn't. The show was rather disgusting as it's too violent for me. I almost threw up half way and actually wanted to leave. hehe. And then the ending was kinda sucked. We don't usually have happy ending in real life but what's a movie without a good and happy ending?
I want a happy ending =(

okok so yea I'm going back to my hometown maybe, next week!! Man, I so wanna meet all my friends and ex-classmates. Hey dontcha all miss me?? hehee *perasan* =P
Whoever doesn't come out to meet me! BE CAREFUL cos I'm gonna box you kao kao! lol

Till then, miss ya guys!


cheekeong said...

i also watched it leh!
maybe its a little bit violent for girls kua..
nextime bring along a pair of eyepatch and use it whenever there is any violent scene..

szelynn said...

i should bring a guy with me so that i could hug him whenever i'm scared. hehe

Stanley said...

Then you should take me there!!

cheekeong said...

can i register now?

i wanna be hugged too~