Tuesday, February 24, 2009

see i'm so kind!

Two days ago my dad was helping me to fix my new wiper on my car when I saw a phone that looked something similar like this

was laying on the cushion of the front passenger seat of a kelissa in front of my car. I was thinking that the owner must have forgotten that he/she left the phone in the car. After a while then I realized the car was not locked! Others might have stolen the phone and they don't even have to break the window!

hoho being a kind person, I locked the door for him/her! hehe I'm so proud of myself =D

And this person must be really careless! hehehe


cheekeong said...

i rarely meet a kind person like u de wor..
most of the penangite will terus take d phone, n then if possible, they terus drive the car go away liao lo..
some more lock back for him/her?

Stanley said...

Actually, you did something wrong. What if the driver forgotten to take his keys out of his car?? You should stand there and jaga the car!!!

szelynn said...

keong: haha! why take things that dont belong to me? hahaha so funny la that person so careless

stanley: lol i so eng meh!? he/she will have spare keys de la ok? hehe

cheekeong said...

stanley, u r right!
lynn was so kepo la..