Friday, March 27, 2009

ausmat reunion? lol

What was that guy doing behind?? @@

Look at my tee - Dance, Enjoy, and be Playful!!! see that?

Just being playful... hehe

Enjoy kay... Just have fun!!

opps... I think they don't dare to use that chopstick anymore.. Refer to my t shirt pls. I'm just being playful hahah

Why poke me =( =(


Nice tongue

heeeheeee... Why I smile until like that ha?

I think these 2 are the only pics I looked normal. LMAO

After all the chit chatting, eating and shopping, some of them left because (I also dunno why) so Sze En, Fola and I decided to go to redbox to spend our evening there. hahah. Great spending time with them, we had so much of fun. My voice eventually got so sexy cos Ms Fola turned the music on too loudly that all of us have to use our throat till the maximum capacity in order to be louder than the music. lol
Can die ah.

But we had so much fun. hehe. I'll be back soon! (cos Kido still owes me popcorn =p)


Navid said...

2 last photo is really nice ... and when u come back to KL ma ? ... hhaahah

szelynn said...

why la did you mean i look ugly for the rest of the photos? =( =( =( so sad... hahaha!!
sem break will come back la~

Flora said...

eeh eh... flora not fola.. LOL..
wont die la.. next time we turn music on louder lol..

szelynn said...

i like to call you fola fola fola cannnot ah? hahaha bleh

okok next time go redbox again luuu

Stanley said...

i am wondering how sexy is your voice~