Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last day at KL

Wrote this entry for like more than a week d but I wrote halfway only and then got a bit lazy to finish up this entry. haha. Planned to forget about posting this entry up cos I got really really lazy to blog.

Anyway. Went to Niu Ze Xui (牛车水)*wtf is that the correct pinyin for it?!!! go back to primary school to learn pinyin please!!* at my last day at KL to have a look there cause a lot of people have been talking about it and it's so famous so I thought I should stop by to have a look and know what is it.

But it seriously dissapointed me. That place is like a street and along the street there are many stalls and cafes and restaurants. Just imagine high class version of Petaling Street @@ I was there in the afternoon and most of the stalls were close.
So damn boring *yawn*

Since we were there we certainly have to stop by at Full House. So we went in and had our lunch (it was my breakfast in fact @@). I saw lots of people talking about this cafe in their blogs but the food there were totally not good at all (sorry to say this but I seriously think it doesn't worth me to go all the way there to have cold and boring food and bad service @@ although I was staying nearby haha)
I din even bother to take pictures of the food.

They have their own boutique inside the cafe too

At night, we went to this place called "Little Genting" to look at the night view of the whole KL. That place is really nice and cooling and definitely a romantic place to go with boyfriend. haha. I didn't even know this place exists. Anyway, I was there with a group of friends and we had steamboat @ Gasoline.

I had a wonderful day that day, thanks to Elvis who took me to so many nice places around KL. I enjoyed myself very much. heeehee

*p/s: It was fun to meet my ex-classmates from high school that night although just some of them showed up at the gathering. It was great cos our 2-years of form teacher, Mr Lim came too. He is still that funny (always tells cold jokes that people can rarely understand =D) and fun to play with! haha. Thanks Piek Ying who organized this gathering =)

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