Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is called 50 first reactions... Type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think already and go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1) Beer : Me likey!!!

2) Food : Omg food is heaven.

3) Relationships : I want a stable and permanent relationship.

4) Crush : David Archuletta

5) Power Rangers : My childhood memories. hehe

6) Life : Life is short. So why work so hard to earn so much money only to find you're too old to enjoy life? Enjoy life when we have the chance to cos there's no second chance. Have no regrets in our life!

7) The President : Obama?

8) Yummy : FOOD!

9) Cars : BMW is cool.

10) Movie : Cinema. Popcorn. Sunway Pyramid's popcorn!!

11) Halloween : Pumpkin. Lol

12) Sex : Sexual relationship before marriage is so common nowadays.

13) Religion : I'm not really a religious person.

14) Hate : I hate Mc Donalds! No, in fact, I'm lovin' it.

15) Fear : of getting into accident one day. I always sms while driving. O.o

16) Marriage : No I'm not gonna get married so soon. Cos I'm scared of getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby and raising up a child. Omg that's scary and giving birth is painful! And I don't wanna be a fat huang lian po. (黄脸婆)

17) Blondes : Chinese trying to be blonde look really lala. Or siham. Whatever. But I think they look funny.

18) Slippers : So comfortable. But when I wear slippers I walk like aunty.

19) Shoes : I don't really wear shoes except during dance classes.

20) Asians : are short.

21) Pass time : Sleep.

22) One night stand : Sounds cool. But I don't wanna try. I think making love is something really great and romantic and I'll only do it with the one I love. I cant accept one night stand, having sex with people that I don't know. @@

23) My cell phone : I don't really fancy all those super geng phones. A basic phone with camera is good enough. And I don't like to change phone often.

24) Smoke : Cigarettes. I hate smokers. OPPS

25) Fantasy : Be a supermodel or superstar??

26) College : Sucks like hell.

27) High school life : Fun.

28) Pajamas : Shorts and spaghetti.

29) Stars : Twinkle twinkle little star....

30) Center : The journey to the center of the earth? LOL

31) Alcohol : Me likey!

32) The word love : Hoho. Everyone's definition of love is different.

33) Friends : Friends are very important to me.

34) Money : I cant live without money =(

35) Heartache : Oh I don't wanna talk about heartache. No good =( I hate that.

36) Time : Time passes real fast.

37) Divorce : This is nothing special. A lot of people get married and then they divorce.

38) Dogs : Noisy.

39) Undies : Those with lace are sexy. G-strings hurt. But guys like @@

40) Parents : are not staying with me.

41) Babies : Cute. But when they cry, OMG.

42) Ex : No ex.

43) Song : My Valentines and Pretty Boy.

44) Color : Blue. Purple. Black. Turqouise.

45) Weddings : So sien, cos have to smile the whole day. Like doing show in front of people. I wonder how do I look like in wedding gown. hmmm...

46) Pizza : Pizza Hut.

47) Hangout : Sure go Mc D.

48) Rest : I need rest all the time. Dunno why. I feel sleepy every second even when I have enough sleep. haha.

49) Goal : No need to spend own money. Cool right.

50) Inspiration : is the first step towards success.

I tag keong!
And whoever wants to do this tag, do la!

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