Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Water finally!

Living without water supply for 2 days can be really torturing.
I had to go to a petrol station near my house to brush my teeth and do some of my "business" there. @@ I had to go to my aunt's house to bathe, I had to hold my urine for so many hours just because my house's toilets are so dirty (the toilet bowls are so yucky cos the guys at home always don't wanna aim properly {lol} and there was no water to wash) I didn't dare to step into the toilet.

Anyway, the water came back when I reached home today! So yea, everyone is happy about it =D
Don't need to hold my urine for the whole night d hehehee..

This happy boy who looks so sad is a birthday present from keong!
Like it a lot cos everything was DIY and the roses are so beautiful =)
I was so excited that day cos of all the surprises! Thanks keong keong ^^

And this 香薰座 (what is it called in English?) is from my dear Catherine! haha. The funny thing was she didn't get me the candles. The reason was she didn't have enough money with her that day. -.- Asked me to buy for myself pulak @@||
I haven't used it yet cos I haven't bought the candles. It sure smells nice and romantic after it's lit up. (Suitable for couples for lovemaking, lol!)

This is not birthday pressie from anyone k. Hehe. I saw this when I was doing some groceries shopping with my uncle last week. HELLO KITTY Panty Liner from Intimate!! Damn syok ok. Suitable for those little mei mei who likes hello kitty. I wonder what shape is the panty liner. Hmm... Hello Kitty shape?

My steering and super nice leg! (Just a random pic =P)

Ahhhhh and today I went to Queensbay Mall with Catherine and I lost my parking ticket! RM30 buta pay one >.<

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cheekeong said...

finally u were survive liao..
hey, i m proud that i can celebrate bday for u loo.. n its happy to know that u were happy too..
btw, why so careless for losing the ticket wor?