Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time flies.

PDATED: I left out a few photos so this is the updated version!

It's been almost a year since I left. Am I forgotten? Am I still remembered?
A year is gone in just a blink of an eye. There are so many things that cannot be described.
The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of boredom, the feeling of having so much freedom, the feeling of guiltiness of not studyin hard during the first semester, the feeling of pitifulness for my parents because they are much more lonelier than I am, and of having to stay without family, of having to drive all the way to Penang once a fortnight just to see us. But we rarely talk to them. It's not that I do not want to talk, but I seriously don't know what to talk about. =(
Somehow, I have the typical traditional Chinese characteristic which is the abashment of showing some concerns to my parents or telling them how much I love them. "I love you Daddy/Mummy" kinda thing would never come out of my mouth. LOL I'm just too embarrassed to say that.

Anyway, this post is going to be a summary of what I've been doing since I left.
WARNING: There will be a lot of pictures as well as self-shot photos of me, you might find annoying. haha and I'm not gonna write a lot. Cos. I. Am. Lazy. To. Write.

Bluek. =P

Let's begin the fun!! Woah!
(The guy on the left. I think he slipped. haha)

hehee. (My new hair color.)

My cute Business Statistics lecturer. He's cuteeeee~

Yea. They had fun! See the laughter.

Owh!!!! HELP!

Nice belly..

This is just the beginning~


Who's the king and who's the queen?


The best actress of the year.

Someone took my blood!!

I like my eye make up that day! Can't see clearly in the picture though.

Seahorse loves me I love seahorse.

Drew this on the back of Catherine's hand during Statistics class cos I was way too bored. I know it's ugly but come on, it isn't that bad afterall! (Guess which finger is that?)

Too bored waiting in the car.

The branches did not break?!

It was really a nice memory.

Wanted to study but ended up camwhoring with Catherine's phone instead.


Food~! (My tee reads: KISS ME I MIGHT TURN INTO A PRINCESS) hehee kiss me!

Someone's trying to poke me?!

He must be in a real hurry. O.o

Stop posing! Start eating.

Owh, I miss ShuLing.


More food!!

Heehee. I failed this bloody damn Marketing.

Which is whose?

Nice outfit huh.

Cut cake! How many years haven't I done that? Sigh.

New Year's Eve. Mesti makan steamboat. Why?

Abang Securiti, you tak tau pegang camera ke?? Dah senget~

Why always wanna waste the cake? Cake is to eat, not to throw all over people's face.

(Stop posing!)

Advertisement for Mirinda.



If there was a fire, I'd definitely be the heroin of the day.

3 days weren't enough.

Where was the bat? (I was wearing a bat-wing top that day and someone called me a bat)

Do I look emo?

LOL they wanted so much attention!


Girls' night out!

This is my laptop's wallpaper till today. =)

Am I cute?? *screams* *RUN* *tomatoes* *eggs* *stones* *piak piak plak bam booom*


First time ever going to a club.


Annoying? Stop scrolling then.

First time at CF. We have quitted though.

That freaking mandarin oranges were freaking expensive @@

A group of gangsters?

RM2.50 A&W Waffle.

Study la sleep sleep sleep!

This is not the end. There are more! hehee.

Macam budak sekolah punya hairstyle.

Okay okay we are almost done!

Buat kacau aje! Siam la...

Close! We are close to the end...


Why can't we concentrate when we're studying?!

Fake Doctor Fish. Kinda fun, it feels like tickling. (At Queensbay Mall. This is my dad's legs hehe all the fish like his legs so much!)

And the best comes the last! I like this photo very much.

Yay! We are done!
I shall end this post here!

oh WAIT!!
I would like to thank all my friends who made my life in Penang so wonderful!! Thank you guys!!

Tata good night! =)


cheekeong said...

i m glad to be a friend of u in the penang.

and thx for ahong's intro.

gonna miss every moment of the events u mentioned!

stay happy!

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

Wei, got me one.. so many some more hahahaha.....but got one pic ah damn ugly 1 damn fat one .you posted it T_T

where got hello kitty panty liners

Stanley said...

sorry for not being with you in penang XD..