Wednesday, July 15, 2009

arhh i hurt my hand again!

Remember when I hurt my hand by accidentally "touching" the ceiling fan? Click here to recall.
Yesterday, I hurt myself AGAIN. -.-| It hurt. And at that moment I thought I was going to say byebye to my finger. When I took a look at it my finger was still there (phew) but it was bleeding and I thought I broke my nails or something. I was about to cry already cos I was really in pain.(Okay la maybe I did cry for 2 seconds la, got sand went into my eyes ma!) Luckily it was just a small cut but now I can't really move my middle finger already. =( Owh.. That means I won't be able to show my middle finger already!

Oh, and I'm now officially not a P-license driver anymore! Heeeheeehehee =P
I went to JPJ at Sungai Dua to renew my license the other day and I thought it would take me hours queueing up. Surprisingly, it took me only about 15 minutes and tada~ my new license is done! So happieee

Yay~ Went shopping with Catherine last Friday after our business statistics paper! We both bought the exact same top from Nichii and started camwhoring in the fitting room. hehe so fun!

We shop again when I'm back to Penang okay! hehe miss ya~

By the way, people!! I'm back to PJ!


cheekeong said...

both of you look gorgeous...
and look like twins too..

who is bigger?
i meant elder..


~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

hahaha. she is elder....wei:( lynn!!!! OMG hope Allen doesnt see it ggrrr or else he is gonna cut my shirt ahhahahaha....3rd pic lightning not nice... i go edit k