Thursday, October 22, 2009

Better be safe than sorry

I was about to buy dinner at a nasi lemak stall by the road side when there were two motorists passed by me and snatched an auntie's handbag. It was too fast I didn't have the time to think what was happening I thought the auntie's blouse or skirt got stuck on the motor and got dragged. I was just behind her. Finally they ran off after failing to snatch her handbag.

There were a lot of people who came to help her and they started discussing whether the brainless criminals were Chinese or Malay. It was too fast there was no one that manage to look at the number plate of the motorcycle even there were so many people. And the auntie was hurt in her knees and her palms but luckily there was no serious injury. I just couldn't believe what happened that I got shocked and was standing there for quite a few minutes. I couldn't believe it actually happened in front of me!

And so the apek apek who are selling food by the roadside started telling me to be careful of my handbag and I decided not to carry my handbag when walking by the roadside anymore. I'll only carry my handbag to college and shopping malls.
Crimes happen even though there is a large crowd. Criminals nowadays are more daring to commit crimes we won't be sure when's safe and when's not. So be careful all the time.... Better be safe than sorry. I was very lucky I wasn't their target.

Haih yo how to carry all my things la without handbag!! Grr


cheekeong said...

fxxk them off, brainless snatchers!!

luckily the auntie is still fine..
and luckily you didn't become the victim just now..

be careful..

rongping.lo said...

When i read auntie, suddenly I think of my mama, really worry her to be alone in Penang. She kena robbed b4, the people broke the glass of Kenari and snatched the money that she just withdraw from bank..


Find a job and work la, CB snatchers.

szelynn said...

keong: yes luckily *phew*

raymond: but at least your mom was not injured.. the auntie that i saw was injured cos she was dragged by the motor.. yes really C B

joven said...

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