Monday, January 19, 2009

Am i naive? =(

I was having high tea at Mc D this afternoon when an Indian guy came to ask for money from me and Catherine. He was asking for RM5.
I couldn't really hear what he was saying as he was talking very fast and soft in good English with a little bit of Indian accent.
He said his bike was at a shop and then something something and then he needed RM5 and then something something and then he said he'd pay me back in half an hour time and then something something and then YEA I GAVE HIM THE MONEY @.@

He looked so sincere and didn't look like he was lying.
He asked me to give him my number so that he could return me the money but the second I gave him the money he walked away rapidly. -.-
A worker at Mc D saw this and she came over and asked what happen and Cat told her that he wanted to borrow money from us and then the worker just shook her head and walked away. I knew I was conned when I saw the facial expression of the workers. (Maybe this wasn't the first time he did this at Mc D.)

Arghh wtf.
ok la I admit I'm naive la. I trust people very easily la. I'm easily deceived la. Whatever.
Laugh la laugh la.

haih, but come to think of it, if a person really needs to cheat other people's money means the person is really in need right?
Usually when people beg for money or ask me to donate money to charities I would not reject cause I know there are many unfortunate people who need help and since I'm able to help so why not?
Although some of my friends keep telling me not to donate cause there are a lot of crooks out there who make money from naive people like me @@, still, in my opinion, if they need to go around and cheat people for money means they need help too. Right? Who would want to cheat people's money or be a beggar if they have the oportunity to earn money? You think to be a
beggar is a very fun thing is it?

And I don't want to reject them when people ask for money cause we won't know whether they are really in need. If I rejected them and it turns out that those people really need some money I would feel really really bad and guilty. =(

So even though I know I was cheated today but I'm glad I helped that guy even it's just RM5.

*haih but why is everyone sayin that I"m stupid? Even my 13-year-old brother said that. =( so sad

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I was a little bit moody this morning. I had class at 2 and I could actually wake up at 12 something but I was already awake since 10.30am. I couldn't sleep after that @.@

A lot of thoughts came into my mind.

Am I being irresponsible??
Am I wrong?

Luckily, all my moodiness was gone when I met Catherine in college. She has never fail to make me laugh. hohoho thanks Cat! *wink*

I think Gurney Plaza has become our second home. o.O
We are there almost everyday. omg

Friday, January 9, 2009

Girls are troublesome.

Yea, girls are very mafan.

You see,
every morning, we have to wake up 2 hours earlier just to prepare ourselves.

1. Wake up and go have a nice hot bath.
2. Brush teeth and cleanse the face.
3. After finish bathing, apply toner on face. (Okay, honestly I don't use toner on my face, but most girls do)
4. Moisturizer. (Did i spell correctly)
5. Sun block.
6. After all these basic steps, we start to make up. First start with applying foundation.
7. Apply concealer to cover pimples or scars or whatever flaws.
8. Apply blush on both cheeks.
9. Eyeshadow.
10. Eyeliner.
11. Mascara.
12. Final touchups. Use cake foundation to ensure blush is evenly applied.
13. Loose powder.
14. Lip balm.
15. Lip gloss.
16. Okay, done with makeups. Now, start picking clothes.
17. Most girls will keep changing clothes and choosing clothes until they find the outfit that satisfied them the most. (Usually this takes a lot of time -.- omg)
18. Start thinking which hairstyle suits the outfit and the make up.
19. Done with everything then start applying body lotion or sun block on the body.
20. Accessories. Earrings, bracelet, neckclace, rings, etc etc.....
21. At the door, preparing to leave the house. Then start picking shoes/heels.

See that!?
Guys can leave the house in 15 minutes but girls need 2 hours just to look good to even step out of the house!

The story isn't finished yet!

After whole day of college, reach home, then start the daily routine again.
1. Remove eye make up.
2. Remove face make up.
3. Cleanse the face.
4. Start bathing.
5. Wash the hair with hair shampoo.
6. Hair conditioner.
7. Shave legs, kalat dai (opps! ARMPITS) and wherever which have unwanted hair.
8. Wash body.
9. Brush teeth.
10. Finish bathing, do hair mask while the hair is wet. (once in a blue moon)
11. After 1/2 an hour, wash the hair again.
12. Hair scalp toner. (Don't really use it.)
13. Hair serum.
14. Hair moisturizer.
15. Body lotion. (Important, so that your skin won't look like aligator skin when you sleep in an air-conditioner room. But I ignore this step most of the time)
16. Face mask. (I do this like once in a blue moon also, too lazy for it)
17. Apply face moisturizer. (Don't really apply cos I don't like the sticky feeling when I sleep)
18. Sometimes will also do eye mask. (But very seldom)
18. Eye cream. (Haven't been applyin eye cream for ages, look at my dark circles!)
19. Start painting nails. (Base coat, then nail strenghtener, nail colour, lastly top coat) (Usually takes me 2 hours to complete cos I always have to repaint and repaint zzzz but I have not painted my nails for centuries d)

Oh, did I miss out anything??

Oh ya and the last one NUMBER 20 is putting on my retainer then I'm ready to go to bed!

I'm sure there are more steps like applying anti-aging cream, whitening cream, serum, scrubs and so on which I didnt do but for me these are already a lot and this occupies half of the day already! huhuhu

hehehe you see girls are very troublesome right?

Monday, January 5, 2009

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