Friday, March 27, 2009

ausmat reunion? lol

What was that guy doing behind?? @@

Look at my tee - Dance, Enjoy, and be Playful!!! see that?

Just being playful... hehe

Enjoy kay... Just have fun!!

opps... I think they don't dare to use that chopstick anymore.. Refer to my t shirt pls. I'm just being playful hahah

Why poke me =( =(


Nice tongue

heeeheeee... Why I smile until like that ha?

I think these 2 are the only pics I looked normal. LMAO

After all the chit chatting, eating and shopping, some of them left because (I also dunno why) so Sze En, Fola and I decided to go to redbox to spend our evening there. hahah. Great spending time with them, we had so much of fun. My voice eventually got so sexy cos Ms Fola turned the music on too loudly that all of us have to use our throat till the maximum capacity in order to be louder than the music. lol
Can die ah.

But we had so much fun. hehe. I'll be back soon! (cos Kido still owes me popcorn =p)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a fucking conversation

So I was complaining about my college on my previous entry and then "I fucking hate Disted" was my personal message on msn and there's this conversation between me and Benji on msn:

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. just sent you a nudge.

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:44 AM):

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:44 AM):

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:45 AM):

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:45 AM):
apa tu

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:45 AM):
my college

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:45 AM):
ur college's name is disted?

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:46 AM):

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:46 AM):
wtf does that stand for?

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:47 AM):
how the fuck will i know

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:47 AM):
its ur fucking college for fucks sakes

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:47 AM):
i dont fucking give a fuck

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:48 AM):
y the fuck wont u fucking give a fuck la?

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:49 AM):
why the fuck should i fucking give a fuck

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:49 AM):
cos fucking disted is ur fucking college's fucking name la and y do u fucking hate it?

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:50 AM):
cos i just fucking don like my fucking college so i don fucking give a fuck about what the fuck does it stand for

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:51 AM):
oh fuck la u shud have fucking like fucking tell it to me first la.

**Z Lynn** bubBle fi$h says (12:52 AM):
haha can we stop fucking around

(L)xTraOrdiNaiRe B-ism(L)loves his babyyy~! dont jealous. says (12:52 AM):
ok lol

Man I don't know why but I find this conversation really stupid but funny. haha
I'm sorry if it's very wuliao lol

I fucking hate Disted

No class today for DBS but they didn't even inform us!!
What the Fuck?!

What if I'm staying far away from college and having morning class? I would have to wake up at 6 in the morning to avoid the jam so that I would be able to attend class on time only to know that they canceled class because they had Orientation for March intake students?!!
This is a joke!! Rushing to class like sohai cos I was late and then they tell me NO CLASS!!!
Luckily it's only 15-20 minutes drive from my house to college so it's not a big harm.
But this really pissed me off. They never inform us when they change classroom and let us go one classroom by one classroom to find. They never inform when they cancel class. So takda standard. O.o

p/s: I heard from my friend that they went and asked the director of our course about the cancellation of class due to orientation day and ya know what did he say? He said he forgot to inform us! zzzz.... what the..


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last day at KL

Wrote this entry for like more than a week d but I wrote halfway only and then got a bit lazy to finish up this entry. haha. Planned to forget about posting this entry up cos I got really really lazy to blog.

Anyway. Went to Niu Ze Xui (牛车水)*wtf is that the correct pinyin for it?!!! go back to primary school to learn pinyin please!!* at my last day at KL to have a look there cause a lot of people have been talking about it and it's so famous so I thought I should stop by to have a look and know what is it.

But it seriously dissapointed me. That place is like a street and along the street there are many stalls and cafes and restaurants. Just imagine high class version of Petaling Street @@ I was there in the afternoon and most of the stalls were close.
So damn boring *yawn*

Since we were there we certainly have to stop by at Full House. So we went in and had our lunch (it was my breakfast in fact @@). I saw lots of people talking about this cafe in their blogs but the food there were totally not good at all (sorry to say this but I seriously think it doesn't worth me to go all the way there to have cold and boring food and bad service @@ although I was staying nearby haha)
I din even bother to take pictures of the food.

They have their own boutique inside the cafe too

At night, we went to this place called "Little Genting" to look at the night view of the whole KL. That place is really nice and cooling and definitely a romantic place to go with boyfriend. haha. I didn't even know this place exists. Anyway, I was there with a group of friends and we had steamboat @ Gasoline.

I had a wonderful day that day, thanks to Elvis who took me to so many nice places around KL. I enjoyed myself very much. heeehee

*p/s: It was fun to meet my ex-classmates from high school that night although just some of them showed up at the gathering. It was great cos our 2-years of form teacher, Mr Lim came too. He is still that funny (always tells cold jokes that people can rarely understand =D) and fun to play with! haha. Thanks Piek Ying who organized this gathering =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


OMG so fat

I like my eye make up so much! (thanks kenn for the touchups)

bubblefish O.o


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

feeling great and excited!

I'm feeling so happy and excited although I'm kinda tired. Today's show at genting was really great and I had a lot of fun!
Will post up pictures as soon as I get them! heeeheee

p/s: I was kinda scared when we were on our way back from genting as the car was running out of petrol. Then finally we managed to find a petrol station, and guess what my teacher did? He pumped RM24.10 petrol in and the reason was cos he has only that amount of money left -.-" why did he need to pump extra 10 cents in? O.o
p/s p/s: I-lynn you're such a good friend! So cute la you hahahahah.. Miss you! >.<

Friday, March 6, 2009

whole day of excitement!

Yesterday was really a great day. I had a lot of fun!
Watched seven pound in the afternoon but I fell asleep in the cinema @@ I think I slept for almost ½ an hour cos it was really really boring I cant help myself >.<
oh, and what I miss the most in Sunway Pyramid is the popcorn! Man, I cant get popcorn as delicious as this anywhere in Penang! =(

Then we went to the arcade after that and it was kinda fun. The arcade in Sunway Pyramid is big and has more variety of games.
We wanted to have a few games of bowling after that but then it was unavailable because there was a competition being held. So we decided to have a meal at a japanese pasta restaurant (forgot its name) since we hadn't had our lunch. The food was okay but it was uhm, you know, not that kinda "wow this is really super tasty and yummy!" feeling. But the price of the food there was rather, expensive @@. (I noticed there are a lot of Japanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.)

After walking around for a bit we headed down to Klang Parade for bowling and I played badly >.< I'm sucked in bowling and I was so embarassed cos those Malay guys there are really good. They never missed! O.o

After 2 games of bowling I walked to a pharmacy opposite of KP to meet QH and chit-chatted for a bit. hehe then went upstairs to meet my dance teacher and other friends to watch them dance cos they were having their jazz class, as usual. OMG I miss them so much and I miss dancing so so so much!!! Just couldn't tahan I wanted so much to join them dance! Although I only get to dance "one 8" (meaning just 8 counts) I was very very happy and satisfied already. And I got an offer to perform on next tuesday! *smile* In a way I was really delighted cos dancing and performing is my passion and I still got the chance to perform even after I stop dancing for so long, but on the other hand I was a little bit worried and nervous too and almost REJECTED that offer @@ anyway, I'm so looking forward to it.

Last station for the day was the night market (pasar malam) at Cheras. I was like WOW! cos there were sooooooo many cars and people around and so many stalls at the night market. Especially FOOD!!! And it's so much bigger than the one at Jelutong in Penang. omg when I see food I just cant seem to control myself, especialy with so many variety of snacks and delicious food!!

After walking all the way from the beginning till the end of the market we decided to have our dinner/supper at one of the laksa stalls there.
And while we were eating I saw a guy who looked like 林德荣, the DJ from My FM walked past. I wasn't really sure it was him, one of the main characters in a recent movie called Love Matters until I saw him having his meal with a group of people who obviously are the DJs from My FM.

No one dares to ask for autograph from him I guess. hehehe *winks*