Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Eye

Just got back from supper and probably not gonna sleep so soon so I decided to blog! I'm actually quite sleepy and I realize most of my blog entries were posted middle of the night! haha.... I'm really a night ghost!

I'm kinda worried about my right eye recently because I started seeing one black spot floating in my eye for the past few weeks. Just one. But it certainly disturbs my vision. I'm not sure what I should do now but my friend who has UNCOUNTABLE spots in her vision since she was 6 reassured me that these spots are totally harmless to me.

"On the information given, the most likely cause is a simple floater. This is a change in the vitreous humor of the eye which casts a shadow onto the retina. If this happens to be in the line of sight, it will move with the eye and always appear directly ahead.

Floaters rarely indicate serious problems, and most people acquire a few over time, but a sudden fresh batch of floaters, especially if accompanied with any bright flashing lights in the vision, should be followed up medically for the UNLIKELY (2% max) chance of an early retinal detachment.

Other causes of a spot in the direct line of vision are rarer but indicate a problem with the macula. This can be macular degeneration which is relatively common in the elderly, central serous maculopathy which is more common in younger people but is often self-resolving, localised macular haemorrhage and reaction to certain medications and drugs most commonly anti-malarials." (From WikiAnswers)

"These black spots or "floaters" that you're experiencing are nothing more than dead blood cells that have banded together and are causing a shadow like dot to float around in your vision. When they disappear for awhile, this is because you've managed to move it into a position out of your field of vision.
There's really nothing you can do about it besides put up with it. They're caused mostly from major stress, lack of sleep, extended drug use or severe head trauma far as I know.
In most cases however, they are a sign of aging and there really is no treatment for them other than bright illumination when reading. " (From

After reading some of the comments of people experiencing the same thing as I do, I feel less worried now but I'm also concerned that is my right eye starting to age??? Because most people said that these "floaters" are a natural part of the eye's ageing process. Probably my age now is 20 and my right eye is going to be 50 soon! hmm..

I hope it doesn't bring any harm to me and hope it goes away as soon as possible because it seriously disturbs my vision!


cheekeong said...

oih, why don't tell me this earlier?!
i should let you sleep earlier..

take care

我的厕所 said...

u should go and find a handsome doctor mer... C what he said... =)

Take care....