Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's almost 2 and I don't feel like sleeping yet. I have class tomorrow morning and I'm supposed to be sleeping. I just don't feel like going to bed yet. Ugghh no, I'm actually in my bed already, online and surfing stuffs. I always regret for sleeping late and making myself so tired when I have difficulty waking up the next morning, and I'd tell myself, OK I'm gonna sleep really really early tonight, I don't wanna suffer because I have to force myself to wake up when I only have 5 hours of sleep. But it never happened. I still have to hate myself and be regretful for sleeping late the next morning. Sigh.

I was kinda emotional for the past two weeks since I left my home. I think that's when people only start to realize how important someone is when you are going to lose him/her. I was very depressed when two years ago (or more) I had to leave my home. I really hated it here (penang) during the first few months here. I'm lonely here and I'm lifeless. And I'm happy whenever I get to go back to meet my friends and family during semester break.

Although we don't meet often, we don't talk to each other often... Deep inside our heart we still know we are there for each other. (sounds lesbian huh)

They put a lot of effort to find time to come out and meet me, or to go shopping with me whenever I'm back. even if it's just sitting at a cafe and chitchatting, we always have fun in our own way. And we have got too much things to talk about every time we meet each other. I am really happy to have met them all when we were in high school. Although we don't meet each other often and everyone has their own new group of friends, we are still as close as before when we finally get to meet each other again. We never get jealous of each other just because someone has new friends and we are never worried that we will be forgotten.

Sigh. I didn't know how to appreciate them, and I think I didn't really put the effort to treat them better :( Humans are always like this. Grrrrr.

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