Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my to-do-list


6/10 E-commerce presentation
6/10 International business assignment discussion
7/10 Personnel mid-term test
13/10 E-commerce assignment 2 due
18/10 International marketing assignment - submission to team leader
20/10 International business assignment- submission to team leader to pile up
22/10 I have a workshop to attend.
23/10 The competition!
28/10 International marketing presentation
29/10 Personnel management assignment due
4/11 International marketing assignment due
26/11 International business assignment due

Wa so many things to do this month!! I'm writing this list so that I remember what I'm supposed to do! I hope I'll have enough time to finish up my assignments that are going to due and also preparing for my competition!

In the mean time, ciao for now!

*p/s: those in red are the ones that I just added in.